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Задание № 3

Дорогие участники игры Шерлока Холмса, ниже представлено третье задание. Вы должны найти подсказки в школе и ответить на 3 вопроса в задании ( a, b, c). 



James Chivers, an old school friend from Sherlock Holmes, arrives from Switzerland with a fine Swiss pocket watch as a present for the famous detective. Chivers, Watson and Holmes are about to leave for the Theatre, where violin genius Alfredo Fetuccini is going to perform. It is well known that Holmes is an enthusiastic violinist, so Theatre director Sir Charles Higgenbottom has asked Holmes to perform together with Fetuccini.  Whilst they are waiting for their taxi, Inspector Lestrade arrives with very bad news. The Chameleon, a master of disguise (мастер маскировки), has gone away from prison. It was Holmes who originally captured the Chameleon and the criminal swore revenge on this the first anniversary of his capture.

Fearing for his friend’s life, Watson tries to persuade Holmes against going to the concert, but Holmes won’t listen.

At the Theatre, Mrs Clara Leslie, a very rich contributor of the Arts, presents Holmes with a specially made floral buttonhole Петля) . Taxi driver, Alfred Parkes, is retained to take the party home after the concert.

Watson visits the toilet and returns with a sudden attack of cough, blaming it on his nervousness concerning the Chameleon. Sir Charles Higgenbottom personally takes Holmes and his party to their balcony seats and Holmes notices that Sir Charles is extraordinarily pale.

The Chameleon has indeed though of a plan which involves a deathly surprise for the master detective. In order to stop the Chameleon’s plan, Holmes must find out

  1. a) what the surprise is
  2. b) where the surprise is hidden
  3. c) unmask the Chameleon.

Задание № 2

Дорогие участники игры Шерлока Холмса, ниже представлено второе задание. Вы должны найти подсказки в школе и ответить на 3 вопроса в задании ( a, b, c). 

                         CASE NO. 2  


Yesterday morning, the famous ‘horse’, Silver Patch and his trainer Oscar Switt, were found dead in the horse’s place a Cosgrove Stables. The horse had been poisoned and the trainer had been hit over the head and stabbed repeatedly with a sharp object. Silver Patch, so named for the patch of silver hair on his head, was owned by Sir Reginald Cosgrove, an owner who also had  four of other horses.

Persons often questioned by Inspector Gregson of Politsei include Sir Reginald Cosgrove and his small wife, Hilda Cosgrove; the Cosgrove Cook, Mrs Maggie Doan, Mrs Doan’s husband, house painter Henry Doan and competitor horse owner Sir Archibald Baxter. Politsei is also looking for one Bobby Jansen, a strong boy who left the Cosgrove’s employ unhappily about a month ago.

The only hints discovered at the scene of the crime were some broken pieces of glass from the bottom of a beer bottle, and a pawnbroker’s ticket. Unable to develop a strong case, Inspector Gregson has come to 221B Baker Street to ask for advice to the master detective. Gregson wants to know:

a) who killed the horse and the trainer

b) the weapon used to kill the trainer

c) the motive.

Let the game begin!


Задание № 1

Дорогие участники игры Шерлока Холмса, ниже представлено первое задание. Вы должны найти подсказки в школе и ответить на 3 вопроса в задании ( a, b, c). 

                                                                CASE № 1


A strange preacher had come to town, a large Bible bound in leather under his arm. Politsei is puzzled when the preacher is found stabbed to death on his balcony seat at the Theatre during a performance of Hamlet.

The Duchess of Tallcourt, who accompanied the victim to the Theatre, discovered the body upon returning from the toilet after the pause. The preacher’s Bible was gone; and on the floor nearby were a German made cigarette and a packet of aspirin.

It was common knowledge that the Duchess, previously a benefactor of the Bishop of Whittenfroth, had come to support the new preacher’s views. This greatly angered the Bishop and the Duke of Tallcourt. The Longworth Acting Troupe was performing the play; the Earl of Longworth in the lead. Longworth, a disgusting man, had been chasing after the Duchess’ daughter, Anastasia, in hopes of gaining support of this troupe affected by poverty.

Politsei wants to know a) who killed the preacher, b) the weapon, and c) the motive.

Let the game begin!


Красим Шерлока Холмса


Правила игры Шерлока Холмса

Дорогие студенты, игра Шерлока Холмса стартует 15-ого ноября. Это игра предназначена для всех, кто уверен в своих знаниях английского языка и имеет дедуктивные способности.

Правила игры:

  • Найди партнера: Один из вас будет Шерлоком, а другой Ватсоном.
  • Прочитайте задание, найдите подсказку, которая спрятана в школе ( 1-ый и 5-ый этаж) рядом со специальными местами (аптека, банк, парк…).
  • Возьмите бумагу из пластиковой коробки, напишите свои ответы и имена (имена очень важны).
  • Положите свои ответы в почтовый ящик Шерлока, который висит на инфостенде Разговорного Клуба.
  • Каждую неделю мы будем проверять ваши ответы. Те, кто ответят правильно, получат призы.
  • Задания будут меняться каждую неделю, так что вы сможете участвовать в игре не один раз. Будьте активны, так как каждый месяц мы будем выбирать лучших игроков.

Если у вас возникнут какие-то вопросы, подойдите в офис. Удачи!

Играем в Шерлока Холмса

Дорогие студенты, скоро вы сможете поиграть в игру Шерлока Холмса в нашей школе и проверить свои дедуктивные способности! Следите за обновлениями, чтобы узнать дату начала игры. 

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